spring ahead!!! do it!

spring ahead!!! do it!

i’m really bad at blogging every day this year. not quite sure what my problem is. i even have two (yes, TWO) alerts set up on my phone, yet i still ignore them.
in OTHER news, 


despite the multiple article refuting the usefulness of DST, this thing is a godsend. that extra hour of light in the evening is the BEST. there are multiple reasons why people argue against DST in the springtime – it robs us an hour sleep, it throws off the sleep schedule, there’s not conclusive evidence that it save energy, etc. etc. i’m here to say why DST is definitely worth it, and why we should just observe it year round.

  1. most of us get up in the morning, get ready for work, and spend 8 hours indoors. there’s no real reason for some extra daylight in the morning. sure, we could push the workday up earlier, but that would require massive upheaval of the corporate world. 
  2. more daylight in the evening means more leisure time outdoors during the summertime. if it’s light out, people feel like they can get stuff done.
  3. MORALE. this is, above and beyond, the best thing about DST. sure, you’re groggy in the morning for a couple days. if DST were year-round we wouldn’t have to worry about this, but it is what it is. after those few days, we get to enjoy an extra hour of light in the evenings and revel in the glorious warm weather. and if we’re able to enjoy our personal time more, we’ll be better during our work or other times, too. 
  4. it’s awesome. i’m sorry, but when the majority of the winter is spent in the dark and cold and ice, to be able to enjoy the warmth and as much end-of-day light that we can? well that’s just the bee’s knees. 

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