so i finally saw star wars today. i did fairly well keeping away from spoilers, but ultimately, i knew the big ones going in. which is unfortunate, but it happens. 
otherwise, excellent movie! i haven’t seen a star wars movie since episode III came out, but i still felt like i knew what to expect. it was like a soap opera; you can drop in at any time and still know what’s going on. 
and the girl power was super awesome. i’m surprised the fanboys didn’t go all weird about that (or maybe i’m not looking in the right spots). 
also, is it just me, or does jj abrams kind of go all firefly joss whedon on the zooming in on aircraft? 
ok, that’s all i got for now.

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  1. the fanboys might not have gone all weird on the girl power, but the toy makers sure did. rey was pretty scarce in the action figure scene. you should blog about that for social commentary. why do toymakers think little girls AND boys don’t deserve badass female action figures especially when she’s the bloody star of the movie!? finn wasn’t the star, he’s the side kick!

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