today i was visiting charlie, and the RN came in just as i was about to leave and announced that he was going to be released tomorrow! woo!
here’s a list of things we’ll need to think about:

  1. showers! bars and stools and where to put his clothes while he’s getting clean
  2. keep that helmet on, boy!
  3. his jaw still hurts when he chews. will this go away with time? will his face figure itself out when the doc does surgery to fix his face bones?
  4. keep the cat away from the top of his head…
  5. living with his parents again for a while
  6. and in that vein, never being alone for a while
  7. …and spending days with dad 🙂
  8. …and then running to my house when he needs a break!
  9. new car??
  10. etc.

we’ll see how this goes!

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