some stuff

some stuff

i’m turning 36 in 4 days.
i’ve started looking for jobs in st cloud.
i forgot about my fifth anniversary of being devil’s syrup free (may 3). except i haven’t been doing a great job lately; i need to get myself back into gear on this.
stuff is coming up in the garden! beans, specifically. and some corn. also weeds. and dog prints in my flowerbed. šŸ˜

2 thoughts on “some stuff

  1. but where will cha live??? because that is such an important factor if you move back up north šŸ™‚ momo is going to be so jealous if you do.

  2. this is more of a long-term goal. i highly doubt i’ll be moving in the next 6 months. i’m guessing it’ll take a couple-three years to find the job i want.

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