weekend roundup

weekend roundup

so my aspirations of starting my seeds this weekend flew out the window. ah well. 
i started off the weekend right with 4.25 miles run. i was shooting for six, but it got dark out before i could finish up. i don’t want to stick around in the dark where weirdos might come snag me.
saturday i went up to the cities to eat some awesome cheese fries with megan and then off to the moa for more awesomeness! megan currently has strep, so i’m hoping the saliva from the straw we shared for one sip won’t get me into strep throat land.
i was supposed to watch hannah that night, but got a last-minute text from liz saying she wouldn’t be over after all, so i got to go see jane for a little bit! we went for a tour around her neighborhood, and she found a cute little street of shops that she didn’t know was there. i’m always glad to be of service for helping learn about their neighborhoods.
came home for a night of no pants because charlie was in lacrosse. watched a couple episodes of the unbreakable kimmy schmidt. that’s an…interesting…show. and by interesting, i’m not sure if i mean MN interesting or not…
sunday i was able to finally get 6.2 miles run. i went to the track later in the afternoon and stuck to it til i was done. charlie also helped out by just coming and sitting there so if some stalker came and dragged me away, he’d at least be able to scream for help. 
i DID get my dirt and most seeds ready for planting. i cleaned out some old catboxes so i can have a couple flats for starting seeds. also kind of got the setup figured out. so i guess the next step for that is to just do it.
i also did the “it works” wrap this afternoon. i don’t see much of a difference; do you? 
beware: flabby stomach pictures ahead.

yay for loose-ish skin from losing 60 lbs. 
my pants were not in the same spot, which i was hoping to at least get that right, and i was actually standing on tiptoe on the before shots, which i totally forgot about. ugh. 
i’ll take another pic tomorrow and see if there’s much difference, and in a few days, i’ll do wrap two, so we can see if that makes a difference. 

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