october one-th cometh

october one-th cometh

october is the only time of year i watch scary movies. what’s on my plate this year?
1. classics – evil dead trilogy
2. let’s watch scream again
3. i always thought the second indiana jones was kind of terrifying, so i’ll watch that one
4. do i dare attempt to watch the ring again?
5. if tucker and dale vs. evil is still on netflix, i’ll watch that one
6. if i can find the tommyknockers, i’ll watch that. not sure what the chances of that are. i remember being scared a ton watching that as a kid
7. um…hocus pocus, amirite?
8. oh what the heck – let’s add some halloween specials on there, like garfield and girls just wanna have fun.

4 thoughts on “october one-th cometh

    1. i was thinking also the disney classics! ichabob crane and bald mountain cartoons. also donald! i’ll have to see if i can find it on youtube.

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