dear caribou coffee

dear caribou coffee

dearest caribou:
you are my favorite coffee joint. when the mood strikes me for some coffee, of which i am the more-sugar-and-dairy=coffee type, yours is the place i frequent.
i try to avoid corn syrup, but i have adapted to your menu so that when it comes to high fructose corn syrup or regular old corn syrup, i know what to order. i can get a northern light turtle mocha, and if i want a cool drink, i order a hot mocha on the rocks. (caribou melts chocolate chunks for their warm mochas, while they use syrup for the cold drinks.) anything with regular caramel is a nono, but that’s ok by me.
let’s talk about the pumpkin drinks. 
i looooooove love love lovvvve your pumpkin drinks. come september, i channel my inner white girl (sans uggs) and order all things pumpkin, especially a pumpkin milk chocolate mocha. so, while at caribou the other day, i asked to see the ingredients list on the pumpkin sauce. first item? HFCS. 

i realize your profit margin is at stake. corn syrup is cheap; i get it. but think how much better your pumpkin sauce would taste if you used regular sugar rather than corn syrup (high fructose or otherwise). think about supporting minnesota beet farmers. think about the countless number of people you would make happy by eliminating corn syrup. (quite frankly, i think you know you’d get some boycotts if you posted your pumpkin sauce ingredients on your website, which, surprise, i couldn’t find.)
let’s not cut corners here, caribou. i understand caramel sauce and chocolate sauce (really those could be done with sugar as well, but baby steps i keep telling myself), but for a specialty drink that you only provide two months of the year (another bone of contention)? let’s make that sauce with real sugar.

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