take-a-moment tuesday

take-a-moment tuesday

i am so impressed with my last-weekend self, that i have to make a list of the things i accomplished so i can remember how awesome my labor day self was.

  • made and canned salsa
  • made and froze apple sauce
  • made and froze apple butter
  • went to state fair
  • went to canvas and chardonnay and painted something
  • stopped and picked 5-gallon bucket of apples for FREE
  • made and canned pickles
  • cut legs off barstools to make counter stools
  • finished my stephen king book
  • ran 6.2 miles
  • finally got to the farmers’ market
  • convinced nate to buy shoes
  • went to menards, returned some stuff, bought a …
  • protector for the counter above my dishwasher, then installed it
  • made a cauliflower-crust pizza, which was ok but not as awesome as regular pizza

that was a pretty decent list for a 3-day weekend. the only thing that would’ve made it even more awesome is if i’d painted a room or built a deck. another weekend!

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