pickles and a story of a cookbook

pickles and a story of a cookbook

pickles and a much-coveted cookbook in the back.

pickles round two happened. and i followed the recipe i used for the first batch of pickles i ever made, which were really yummy. let me tell you a story about that recipe.
many years ago (let’s say, six), i was at goodwill and, lo and behold, found a copy of joy of cooking on the shelves. i snatched it up because JOY OF COOKING amirite. i’d been searching for a while since i didn’t want to pay full price. not only was it JOC, but it was from circa 1972 and included recipes for rabbit. (you know it’s gotta be good when there are rabbit recipes.) so when my garden came in with cucumbers, i looked up the canning section and used the recipe listed for kosher dills. the pickles were delicious.
the only downside to the cookbook? it was a small paperback, which meant when you laid the book down with the pages open, they didn’t stay open. 
well, a later perusal of goodwill tossed up a hardcover version of JOC, so i snatched the bad boy up and sent the paperback back to goodwill.
the new JOC was revised for “today’s lifestyle” circa 1992. meaning low-fat everything, no canning or jelly recipes, and absolutely no rabbit recipes.
in other words: no fun for anyone’s mouth. (except the cheesecake recipe. that is out of this world.)
so last week, my coworker jenee forced me to go to an estate sale (well, force may be a bit excessive). estate sales for me are hit or miss. my taste in old stuff is pretty exact, so looking at a bunch of really old stuff i hold no interest in is kinda meh. 
but i always enjoy the kitchens. 
and guess what was in this kitchen.
not only that, but it was TWO DOLLARS!!!!
happy days are here again, especially in pickle land. (and if i ever want to cook a rabbit.)

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