in exchange for working on saturday, i’m taking tomorrow off and going to the state fair. 
prepare for FOODBLOG.
the great thing about the fair? it’s the one day a year i set aside my anti-devils-syrup agenda and just eat what i want, including a deep-fried milky way (the only time of year i eat a milky way mmmm). 
i’ve bookmarked my food vendors in the state fair app. here’s what nate and i are going to try to eat tomorrow:

  • snoribbons
  • gizmo
  • deep-fried candy bar
  • chilquiles – chips covered with chili verde sauce, chicken, and an egg
  • minneapple pie
  • pretzel curds
  • crab fritters
  • cheese curds
  • chocolate salami
  • deep-fried buckeyes
  • blue cheese and corn fritz
  • shrimp dog

whoa – that’s a lot of food. hope my stomach doesn’t explode!

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