August 4, 2014


it’s august already. 
i love fall, but it’s always followed by winter, which lasts forever no matter how long it is. it finally rained, so my garden has gotten a little bit better. there’s just something about a good soaking rain that helps my veggies a million times better than anything a sprinkler can do.
this time of year always makes me a little melancholy. maybe it’s because of all those schoolyears; maybe it’s because i know winter’s only right around the corner. the lull between summertime high and the start of autumn is always a low because i’m not ready for summer to leave yet. but once fall gets here, it’s wonderful (wonderfall??).
i’m hoping the next couple weeks will be full of summertime fun and my veggies decide to make a ripe appearance. maybe i’ll make nate take on a project with me – paint the bedroom? put shelves up in the garage? start roughing out the basement? i’ll be starting to can here in the next couple weeks, which surely signals the end of summer!
i’m sure in the next few weeks i’ll be ready for fall to show up; i seem to always be ready by september. until then, slow down a little bit, summertime.


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