ATK: tiramisu

ATK: tiramisu

tiramisu-recipei offered to make my mom tiramisu for her birthday since we won’t be making any trips to ciatti’s anytime soon 🙁
turns out, tiramisu is relatively easy. the hardest part was finding mascarpone and ladyfingers. 
first you make some coffee and stir in some rum to soak the ladyfingers in before laying them nice and neat in a 9×13 pan. then mix up egg yolks, sugar and salt, then add in the 1-1/2 lbs of mascarpone cheese (it’s like cream cheese)

that's $16 worth of mascarpone
that’s $16 worth of mascarpone

whip up some heavy cream and add it to the sugary mascarpone mix. then time to layer!yum
ladyfingersi ran out of ladyfingers 🙁
i may have made a vital mistake while i went to find ladyfingers: i should have put everything in the fridge, but i didn’t think i was going to be that long. the mascarpone breaks down if it gets too warm, and when i came back the remaining mix was a little chunky. 🙁 my lack of foresight on the ladyfinger front may have been my undoing. 
either way, it’s got to taste good, right? we’ll find out tomorrow when we eat it for birthday dessert.
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