aaaaaand i'm back!

aaaaaand i'm back!

back from a blogging break! thank you for keeping it real while i was gone; i know my 5 readers were just chomping at the bit for updates.

conversion camper: year 2 boogaloo
conversion camper: year 2 boogaloo

my vacay was good! a few takeaways:
1. i was on the road one way for 10 hours. the other way 11 hours. that sucked. it’s a long ways out to mandan.
2. we bought bigger fireworks this year. it was awesome. the neighbors had even bigger fireworks, which was even awesomer.
3. sandbarring was good, but it was no lake.
4. i realized i have more of a tradition of going to fireworks with nate than i do of going to mandan, so i will be staying home next year. i’ll need a week off in june for the BLACK HILLS, so i need to save up my vacation time.
5. i should have gotten some medora mints while i could – i was going to go on sunday, but the store where they sold them was closed 🙁
6. never ever ever ever ever stop at the perkins in jamestown ever ever again. we waited an hour to get our food. still haven’t heard back from perkins on twitter (i tweeted the experience).
7. hm, overall i’m glad i went, but it was no derry family reunion. :((((

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