nate and i have only been on one real trip since we’ve been together – in 2010 to go to branden’s wedding in utah.

so, i deemed it necessary that on our 10th anniversary year we should actually do something and go somewhere. naturally, i requested a south dakota travel guide. i just flipped through it tonight and got all excited. it would happen next year, but i want to go now! the only thing we really need to decide on is what time of summer we should go. i’d rather not go when it’s going to be uber busy, but i don’t want to miss anything. (last time we were there together it was september, and a lot of the places were closed for the season.) while i wouldn’t mind camping, i think i’m going to look into some of the custer state park cabin type things. oooh ooh oooh!! shouldnt think about this too much!

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