my 5k time was AWESOME this morning. started off with my co-runners, but after liz decided to need to slow down, i picked up and went off. after i nearly choked on my water and it dribbled down my front, i kicked it up a notch.
i hate running in the morning. unfortunately that’s when most races are held. needless to say, i was nearly croaked by the time i spied the finish line. after the gal in front of me got out the way, i booked it to the end. the timer, which is a close but not exact finish time, was closing in on 36 mins, and i wanted to beat it. i did.
later today i checked the site to see what my time was, and i did it UNDER 35!!! that is NUTS. crazytalk! that’s a pace of 11:14/mile. i have never run that! anyway, if the past two years are indicative, that will be around my average pace at the end of outdoor running season. woo!

liz and lindsey coming to the end.

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