to semicolon; or not to semicolon

to semicolon; or not to semicolon

if you know me, you probably know that love to use a semicolon; it is my favorite punctuation mark. comma splice? BAM – fixed with a semicolon. long list of convoluted stuff involving oxford commas? BAM – fixed with a semicolon. i am also a huge grammar nerd; why not indelible punctuation?
so i was looking into a semicolon tattoo; HOWEVER, a semicolon tattoo has been overtaken by the former cutters and suicidals, especially if it’s located on the wrist – the semicolon movement. something about how that life is over and now it’s time for my second related, but independent clause. i’ve seen a lot of comments on these tattoos along the lines of “OMG this a great suicide tattoo!”
this allows for two questions: 1. do i want a semicolon tattoo if it’s going to get me marked (oh ho ho nice pun there) as a former cutter and/or suicidal? and 2. it won’t go on the wrist; nate says no to a behind-the-ear, back of neck, or lower arm tattoo; so where do i put this thing?
a stipulation: i must be able to see it without a mirror. i was thinking on my shoulder, so if i look over my shoulder, i can still see it. here is the photo that got me hooked.

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