cookie 1: chewy sugar cookie

cookie 1: chewy sugar cookie

i ordered the “america’s test kitchen” cookbook, which has EVERY RECIPE EVER from the PBS show in it. since my dad has given up on his search for the martha stewart cookie cookbook, i’ve decided to make all the cookies from the cookie section of ATK.
the recipe calls for a couple weird things: 1. cream cheese and 2. vegetable oil. i have never seen vegetable oil used in a cookie. but, this is ATK, so i’ll go with it. they obviously have tested it!
followed the directions, mixed everything together like a normal cookie. i did use a sifter instead of a whisk (sacrilege?), and i busted out the kitchenaid instead of just mixing it together.
roll into balls, roll in sugar, and flatten with the bottom of a glass. easy peasy.
is it chewy? yes.cookie
is it the best sugar cookie i’ve ever had? well, it’s certainly better than my grandma’s sugar cookie recipe, but i think my amended eggnog snickerdoodle-to-sugar cookie is a better tasting cookie. the cream cheese leaves a slightly odd aftertaste. it’s not bad, just different.
would i make these again? probably not. i’d just make my snickerdoodle-cum-sugar cookies instead.
EDIT: i had one of these after they’d cooled a bit. they’re really crunchy and not THAT chewy. they’re still cookies, though. i’ll still stuff my face with them!

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