bulletpoint monday?

bulletpoint monday?

what is monday? we have TMI tuesday, wordless wednesday, throwback thursday. moody monday? melancholy monday? meh monday? meme monday? (ooh i like that one.)
well, you get bulletpoint monday, i guess, because i’m really tired and i’ve got a presentation tomorrow that i’m anxious about.

  • next weekend is a long weekend and charlie will be home! excited.
  • my dad got lumber for the garden beds. checked online at the rochester compost place, and they sell compost for $25/ton. i think that’s manageable.
  • cream cheese-pickle-ham wraps are maybe the best taste sensation ever. seconded by grapes and blue cheese dressing.
  • i was going to start my cookie making thing tonight, but i have no eggs. BOOOO.
  • my dad’s new kitten is forthcoming in the next couple days. cute little furball!
  • picked up the next book in the “dark tower” series – its 900 pages. oy.

4 thoughts on “bulletpoint monday?

    1. That’s what I thought! Then I tasted it, and it’s like a sweet/tart explosion of goodness. Worth a try

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