April 6, 2014


i keep having dreams i’m back working at merrill. i am put right back into the mix, and i’ve forgotten everything i learned there. i miss some of the people there!
that’s the only dream part of this post. i talked to my brother the other day about his easter plans, and he mentioned that he’s thinking of moving back to MN sooner rather than later. he’d probably live in my basement! that’s exciting.
welp, it’s sunday night and i’m trying to get rid of this wannabe cold that’s got hold of my sinuses right now. could be allergies, too, for all i know. what i do know? i’d like it to go away, thanks.
i have a farmers’ market cookbook that i bought a couple years ago, so when i start getting my good from my garden this summer and picking up stuff from the market here in town, perhaps ill do a run through of the recipes in the book. that might be a fun way to blog for a month!


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