what i did today:

what i did today:

1. woke up after 9 hours of sleep
2. read 100 pgs of “waste lands” – omg!!! intense!
3. drove into roch to check out the menards moving sale. boo hiss they didn’t have what i was looking for so had to pay full price at the menards that wasn’t moving.
4. went to target and picked up some food
5. came back and saw the track next to the school was a little bit cleared. it was still 57 degrees out, so i changed into my running clothes and ran 4 miles (bleargh) (but 550 cals burned!).

a grill AND sandals!
a grill AND sandals!

6. grilled!!! had steak, hashbrowns, baked beans, and some dinner rolls.
7. let chasey have an outdoor adventure. discussed a brick facade and flower box with nate.
8. spent too much infuriating time trying to figure out my printer. might be time for a new one.
9. now i’m off to watch mad men!! season 6 is now on netflix. oh, by the by, i canceled my netflix account about 3 weeks ago, and i am still able to log in. hmmm, perhaps being a 10-yr customer has its perks??

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