on a shoe mission

on a shoe mission

i have been on a shoe mission for about a month. i have a pair of red strappy heels that i can wear to fancy places, like wine and roses and weddings, but that’s the extent of my red accessories. meaning, if i wanted to add any other sort of color into a fancy outfit, i really have nothing.
i wear black dresses, so that’s not a big deal, but if i want to add a necklace or earrings with color in it, my current options generally fall into the pink color spectrum. and in the words of liz wallace when asked if i could wear my pink necklace with my red shoes, ” uhhh…no.”
alas. so began a mission to find a fancy pink shoe. unfortunately, we have gone from awesome-color fancy shoes to the year of nude/gold. (and silver – but silver is always a thing.)
i went to dsw in roch. i went to dsw in the MOA. i went to famous footwear. i went to penney’s. i went to torrid. i went to payless. i went to maurices. i went to deb (which apparently always has what i’m looking for – it’s my last resort store). i even went to macy’s, which had pink shoes but with a $600 pricetag. yes, that’s 6-0-0. (i’m not willing to even pay 6-0.)
obvs i’m not finding much in person. finally tonight, i went to ask the internets, aka amazon, to see what they have for me.
Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 10.42.42 PM
EXACTLY what i was looking for.
Katherine’s Bridal Boutique
– bridesmaid shoes. should’ve guessed. it’s a 4″ heel, but my red shoes have a 4″ heel so i’m not too concerned. plus they run a 1/2″ too small, which means i could get my ideal size 10-1/2 shoe. so much time wasted trying on shoes when i could have just gone to amazon in the first place.
(wait, who am i kidding? i LOVE trying on shoes!!!!)

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