sugar mama

sugar mama

i didn’t marry nate for his money.
i know there are some ladies out there (NOT MY READER BASE) who only marry dudes with money. that has never been a priority for my mate choices.
that said, nate quit his job at walmart last night. he was miserable; i was miserable; life was unhappy around here. we had talked about it before he went in. when he was laid off in 2009, we lived off less money than i’m making currently, and that was with a bigger house payment, so i knew we could do it if we needed to. plus there’s some money in savings and stocks we can sell, and if worse comes to worse, we’ll sell nate’s car.
he went in last night, looked at the schedule, saw he was working four departments while other people were working two to an aisle, handed his badge over to the supervisor, said “i can’t do this anymore”, and walked out.
so! we’ll see how things go around here. i’m told i won’t have to do dishes. that’s exciting in and of itself.

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