March 4, 2014

i have too many pictures!

got my new mac and monitors today! installed my crapton of RAM, hooked everything up, and now it’s just a matter of moving everything over from my poor little imac onto the new mac.
i installed pshop and it launched in like, 5 seconds. i was amazed. just imagine what would happen if i got a solid state drive for my applications and start disk. stuff would start in nutso time.
right now i’m importing all my photos. now, you have to realize that i have archived all my photos through 2010, so this is only the past four years’ worth of photos. i’ve been importing for about 20 minutes and it’s about 75% done. this hard drive is only 500 GB, but i have two terabyte externals. i guess i just keep buying externals as i keep taking pictures, especially if i get a better camera that has ginormo file sizes.


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