mr king

mr king

i FINALLY convinced one of my sisters to read a stephen king book. lord knows it took ME forever to pick one up, given that his name is pretty synonymous with horror writing, but, finally, after comparing “running man” to “hunger games” for jane, she picked it up, and LO AND BEHOLD who now is running to the library to borrow all of king’s books??
(i keep telling people that he doesn’t just write horror. that he’s an awesome storyteller. do they listen? noooOOOooo…welllll…eventually.)
anyway, jane wanted to know what she should read next, so i put together the list of all the king books i’ve read in order of how much i liked them. here you go!
1. 11/22/63
2. Green Mile
3. Under the Dome
4. Running Man
5. The Stand
6. The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon
7. Joyland
8. first three of the Dark Tower series (“The Gunslinger” is the first book i read of his, and i went wow he can tell a story. still need to read the whole series)
short stories i listened to on audiobook, both excellent:
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption (obvs shawshank movie is based on this)
The Body (the movie “Stand by Me” was based on this)
I should add that none of these books are straight out horror. some have a weird sci-fi angle to them or are mystery, but i have read a lot scarier books than these. the next book of his that i’ll pick up is “the long walk.” i’ve heard good things about it.

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  1. Love Steven king!! I read A bunch while in England with Liz 🙂 every time I’ve read the Stand I’m convinced I have the disease… Pretty scary

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