February 1, 2014


i’ve been meaning to make cakepops for a long, long time. i bought pop sticks probably two years ago, if that’s any indication. in addition to that, i have a coworker who liked february to be the month of love, so i decided to bring some treats in once a week through the month. time to finally make cake pops!
step one: bake a cake. i just used a box cake since i didn’t feel like it would make much difference after they were pop-ified.
step two: make homemade cream cheese frosting because they don’t sell frosting in the store without devil’s syrup. thanks, corn industry.
what else do you need? good chocolate (i chose cadbury) for dipping your balls.
step three: put cut up cake in your mixer and beat it to make it crumbly. SO EASY.
step four: add some frosting into your crumbled cake and beat it til it becomes the consistency of what looks like chunky brownie batter.
step five: roll the cake into balls and stick the sticks in them. set them somewhere to freeze up (this is easy this time of year).
step six: melt your chocolate, then dip the frozen cake balls into them. i used a cat scratcher to hold them upright until they cooled down. (it had plastic wrap over it!! calm down!!)
dippedstep seven: i melted some almond bark to dip the tops into and then sprinkled some red and white sprinkles on it for valentine’s month. tada!


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