one year

one year

salon published an article telling the world that we need to quit with the “year of” stunts. people write books or blog about how they’re spending their year being an atheist, or living the biblical law, or being vegetarian, or cooking all of julia child’s recipes. much of the article is focused on the goal-orientation and on-off switch of the year-long stunt.
i have only one beef with these sort of experiments myself: after the year is up, it’s bye bye blog! that’s why my blog covers many varied topics, all of which, coincidentally, have to do with me. my posts are about writing, photography, eating, running, campaigns against devil’s syrup, etc…and when those things run out, i will blog about something else i’m doing.
so my 10-year blogging anniversary is quite the accomplishment, if you look at other abandoned blogs.
and ironically, i’m doing a year of blogging to celebrate. unironically, i plan to continue my blog after my year of blogging ends, because, well, this is getting way too meta to think about, so i’ll leave it at that.
i’ll admit, blogging every day for a year is going to have its challenges, but ultimately i’m not going to quit writing or get bored with it.
so, salon, you can suck it. this is one “year of” stunt that is celebrating something i’ve already been doing and will continue doing afterward, just in smaller doses. (plus, i might continue on with the daily blogging – one never knows!)

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