life of an introvert

life of an introvert

if i had my druthers, i'd live here (as long as it had wifi!)
if i had my druthers, i’d live here (as long as it had wifi!)

i am a big introvert. it’s not so bad that i can’t function in public, because i CAN function in public, and i function quite well if i know you well. if i know you well, it’s less of a chore for me to be around you (chore as in it takes a lot of energy). if i know you really well, i can easily be around you with no energy drain.
while cursed with this lovely introvertiveness, i am also cursed with the ability to be a somewhat presentable and effective presenter. it’s kind of like math – i am GOOD at it, and i can DO it, but i sure as heck don’t enjoy it. (ok, well, i don’t hate getting up in front of people as much as math, but you get the idea).
when the opportunity arose to say something at a MnSCU social media roundtable, i knew this was a good opportunity, and i wouldn’t mind sharing what i know. plus it would be a great thing to put on anyone’s resume! (NOT that i’m using it lately, but you never know what might happen!) so i volunteered to say something.
today was the big day, and while i wasn’t as nervous as i was in front of rctc’s administrators or the audience of 100+ on staff development day, it was still something that made my nerves wrack and my senses heighten to levels unacceptable to the little person inside of me who just wants to curl up on my couch with a book.
so now i’m wiped out, and after lying on the couch for an hour and a half, i am going to live-tweet the basketball game tonight (in lieu of “arrow” – waaahhhhhh), so i’ll be good to just pass out after that’s over.
you lucky people who get your energy from being around people don’t know how good you’ve got it.

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