bleah treadmills suck

bleah treadmills suck

running on a treadmill is really no fun.
when i first got the treadmill, i huffed and puffed on that thing and felt like i was getting nowhere (well, really i wasn’t anyway, but you know what i mean). i got the display working temporarily so i could actually see what the distances were, and i was barely breaking a 15-minute mile. what was wrong with me??
i got down on the ground, and it turns out the treadmill was at a constant incline. nopenopenope. evened that sucker out and got to my somewhat normal times. but still, trying to maintain your balance, running in place, and not tripping or tipping over is so annoying.
since i bought mine off craigslist, of course there are little weird things about it. the most dangerous is that the key is missing, so if you do something that would normally pull the plug on the machine, it actually keeps going. i’ve only almost biffed it once while i was trying to look at my time on my phone in my armband. that would’ve been a disaster on the concrete. (perhaps it’s the craigslist killer’s way of killing by natural selection…)
treadmilling on even tread is ok, but it still isn’t quite the same as running on flat, unmoving ground. or even unflat unmoving ground. i think you actually exert more energy just trying to stay between the handrails.
that said, WALKING on a treadmill is actually ok. maybe it’s because i never technically leave the ground for a split second like i do when running. maybe it’s because more of my foot is in contact with the ground and i don’t feel like i’m going to wobble my way over the side. i could walk for 5 hours on a treadmill and be ok.
so let’s just say that the current trend of daylight inching later and later into the day is a good one. the sooner i can get out on the pavement and trails the better.

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