she's my…

she's my…

cherry pie!
whenever someone at work has a birthday, i get to bake the dessert of choice. we have a workstudy whose bday was on the 5th, so tonight i made a cherry pie for her. except the recipe i found didn’t use enough cherries, so it’s sort of a cranstrawcherry pie. thank goodness i had some fruit in my freezer.
at the same time, since i was making crust from scratch, i decided to try my hand at a lattice crust. i’d never done one before, so it was an ideal time. my strips of dough were pretty wide and i only got three on each way, but it was easier than i thought it would be. i know the crust will be awesome – i’m just hoping the filling is sweet enough, or not overly sweet. we’ll see how it turns out tastewise.

lookin' tasty.
lookin’ tasty.

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