movie time!

movie time!

i’ve already started on my christmas movie watching.
1. rudolph – my mom and i watched it when it was on tv before thanksgiving. sacrilege, i know! but dang, it looks good remastered and on a decent tv! ready, santa!
2. national lampoon’s christmas – i actually watched this t-day night, i believe. i was waiting for old navy to start their bf sales, and popped this up on amazon streaming. i think i like it more each time i watch it.
3. elf – it was so early to watch this one! but i did anyway since my mom requested it and jane was in the area. i might have to watch it again closer to the date.
what else is on my list?

  1. charlie brown
  2. the santa clause
  3. maybe a christmas story?
  4. the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
  5. it’s a wonderful life
  6. babe
  7. love actually
  8. home alone
  9. muppet christmas carol

i’m sure i’m missing something. we’ll see as the day gets closer!

2 thoughts on “movie time!

    1. usually i wait til december. and i don’t have muppet family xmas on disk, so that’s why it’s not my list most years. if i have an urge, i’ll connect my laptop to the tv.

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