all good things

all good things

so ends another year of kablpomo. i didn’t do half the things i wanted to do for it, but i did write every day, and that is the main point of kablpomo. on top of that, i didn’t forget any days, and i actually looked forward to blogging every day. i think that is a first in the 3 (4?) years i’ve been doing this.
you might not see a lot of me in december, as i will be compiling content for kablpoye (kate’s blog posting year) to celebrate 10 years of blogging (2004-2014, baby!), but i will pop in from time to time and let you know how houseblog and christmas are doing. i’m excited to get my tree this year and decorate. (last year was a bust as far as decorating for christmas.)
for the rest of today’s post: a reflection on houseblog.
my walls are as painted as i want them to be right now, i’ve got pictures up in the main parts of the house, and the garage is clear of stuff so that nate and i can both park in there (good thing, too, with snow coming this week). my living room isn’t quite as big as i’d hoped it’d be, but it’s certainly cozy enough and is set up for some good christmas movie viewing. with the blue grey walls and dark cabinets, my kitchen is as close to my favorite ikea kitchen as it’s going to get, i think. 🙂
the office is kind of boring right now and the bedroom needs some work, but for now it’ll be good enough.
this summer i need gutters for sure, and maybe we’ll start on the basement or deck. either one will work for me. for now, though, i think it’s time for a break and to sit down and enjoy the house.

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