top ten movie endings

top ten movie endings

*inspired by jane’s watching of “the muppet movie”.  oh, SPOILERS!!!!
10. 500 days of summer – so what if this is the ultimate hipster movie. i love the end. when you think all is lost, one simple name and a breaking of the 4th wall gives a glimmer of hope.
9. the dark knight rises – we see alfred sitting at a cafe. he looks up and smiles. we KNOW it’s bruce, then it cuts to bruce. (really, nolan, you could have cut the scene where we actually see bruce, and it would have been 10% better, but i digress). and to learn that blake’s first name is ROBIN. ha.
8. wild things – nicely done, third wheel!!! ps – the credits are a must watch.
7. breakfast at tiffany’s – rain. a missing cat. a kiss. can’t beat that.
6. shawshank redemption – i give credit to stephen king on writing an awesome book first and foremost (well, novella). the film adaptation was my first exposure, so i have to include it. music adds a ton to the end when we see how andy circumvented the system and got to that end of the sewer pipe. then sweet, sweet justice when he clears out the bank account. add in red’s parole, and reunification with andy, and awwww yeaaahhh.
5. the usual suspects – brilliant, and you don’t see it coming (well, i didn’t). kevin spacey is a genius
4. beauty and the beast – go belle go! barge through the doors on horseback! fly up the stairs! the moment when you think the beast is dead, then she whispers “i love you” JUST before the last petal takes its deadly descent. aw yeah, getting goosebumps just thinking about it.
3. it’s a wonderful life – when george bailey’s brother calls him the richest man in town, liek if you cry evry tiem.
2. muppet movie – this movie is awesome because it has my favorite beginning as well as a favorite ending. everything crashes down, the roof opens up, life seems hopeless for the muppets, and suddenly, a rainbow filters through the hole in the roof. “life’s like a movie, make your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending, we’ve just done what we set out to do…thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you!”
1. fivel goes west – for an animated non-disney kids’ sequel filmed on a low budget in 1991, this movie is AWESOME. if you haven’t seen it, i highly suggest finding it asap. jimmy stewart, dom delouise, john cleese, plus some music by james horner. it’s a funny film, but the ending is perfect. jimmy stewart gives some advice to our young fivel as the sun sets in the out west desert. perfect.

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