annual shopping redefined

annual shopping redefined

for the past 5-6 years, my mom and i have gone shopping on veterans’s day, mostly because there’s sales and no black friday crowds. in st. cloud it was so easy to just pop over to what we needed – every place we visited was mostly in a square mile.
not so in rochester. it was an experience, that’s for sure. besides having to drive 6 miles to get to BN from target, it seemed like there were NO people anywhere. it was so weird shopping without the crowds – almost like it didn’t count. and it seemed very non christmassy; in cloud town, we never had that problem. mom and i were wondering if rochester even celebrates christmas! it was all just a very odd experience.
we only got to target, BN, and macy’s (which had a pretty piss-poor xmas selection), but got a lot done. jane came with us for lunch, target, and BN. as much as she hates shopping, i think she had a good time 🙂
mom and i have to go back shopping again to hobby lobby (anti-gay!!!) to get some decorations, which will hopefully put us in the mood.
overall, got a lot done, but it didn’t feel quite right 🙁 hopefully it rights itself.

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