versus versus

versus versus

i got a great suggestion from my sister jane today for my kablpomo post today.

for kablamo (that’s how i read it in my head) you should write about the differences between nano and kablamo. what you like, don’t like, what you miss about nano that you can’t find in kablamo, etc.
nanowrimo and kablpomo are two different beasts for me, and each has its own place.
1. kablpomo can be short and sweet or long and heavy.
2. kablpomo can change topics every day
3. kablpomo can be pictures, lists, youtube embeds, etc. it doesn’t necessarily NEED to be words. it’s all about the blog post, and blog posts
what does nanowrimo have that kablpomo doesn’t?
1. i don’t NEED to write nano every day. if i miss a day of kablpomo, big ol’ FAIL on my part. sure, i can get behind on nano, but it’s all about the final word count at the end of the month.
2. accomplishing nano is HUGE. to push out 50,000 words in a month is HUGE. the feeling of finishing nano vs. kabl is about 500x more of a high.
3. there’s something about finishing a story that used to be in my head. look what i pulled out of my head and put into words.
kaBLAMo! pow! pow!

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