so ready!

so ready!

1. i just need to bloody/dirty up my clothes, and i’ll be set for the pub crawl. so excited about my costume!
2. government is still closed. which means my house loan is still on hold. come on,idiotic congress. get your act together.
3. bought a NEW BIKE! i’d been riding my $15 goodwill bike all summer, and finally i had enough. the handlebars had always been crooked, but i didn’t realize how crooked until i took it apart. the bar that slides into the bike frame itself is bent. that’s pretty much unfixable. talked to charlie and convinced myself to buy a new bike. black and pink shwinn! cost $165, but got the walmart discount on it at least. still no helmet.
4. i’ve been thinking about going to see a therapist about my anxiety. could be i’m co-dependent as well? i’m always like, nate let’s do something together, but he’s always not into that and wonders why i’m bugging him all the time. not sure. mom is co-dependent, so it wouldn’t surprise me. there’s more to that but here is not the location.
5. i’m way behind on packing. well, if we don’t get a loan, i won’t have to worry about packing!

One thought on “so ready!

  1. pics of the bike please! i need tune mine up. it’s lived outside this past year cuz i was too lazy to put it away. my guess is the chain is rusted to bits. :/ i should probably do that tonight…

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