i knew that the big gay race and crypticon would be fun, but i didn’t know it would result in the best day ever!
i drove up to the cities the night before and stayed with jane so we could get an early start on the big gay race. after a breakfast of granola bars, jane and i drove to minneapolis and waited to run the race. it rained almost the entire time we ran, and it got increasingly cooler as the day progressed, but we finished with decent times and got out of there before we caught our death of cold.
took a shower and get ready for crypticon. after getting to the hotel the long way because someone read the website wrong (note: not me), we finally got to the hotel, but almost got lost while there. there was no signage! ugh! but we found it in time to see billy dee williams talk (lando calrisian of star wars fame) and left about halfway into his talk. so we decided to find TED RAIMI.
got his autograph on a picture i had from xenacon 2000 (which he found kind of humorous) and got record-scratch silence when jane mentioned we sang the joxer song the night before. after realizing we weren’t serial killers and just huge nerds, he let us take his picture.
we wandered around for a bit and looked at all the stuff the vendors had for sale. we wanted to go see the zombie killing guide but ended up listening to writing tips from a horror writer, which was actually pretty good!  since the zombie guide thing was rescheduled later, we decided to go to the moa and peruse the halloween shop so jane could get some fake blood and makeup.
got back and had a couple beers before heading back over to get my face done up by ex-whatever dude who does zombie makeup now. it was pretty cool. also got advice to stick around afterward because of afterparty stuff next to the pool.
MEANWHILE, jane and i kept seeing wil wheaton’s doppleganger everywhere. we knew it wasn’t him, but did a double-take every time. so i tweeted willw.
we were watching the costume contest and i happened to check twitter. there was an @ reply to my tweet!!! i nearly died from nerd celebrity exposure!!!
already on cloud nine, me from wilw, jane from ted exposure, we went up to the zombie prom to see what was going on. at this point we’d had a couple drinks from poolside adventures, so we put in vampire teeth and blew bubbles and had a blast – and TED WALKED IN. AND DANCED!!! AHHH!! so we danced too, but not with ted because we were chicken.
walked out and i called megan to see what we should do. she gave some sage advice, but darned if i could remember what it was because i was tipsy. went back to the prom and saw ted again dancing, then saw him walking out. awesome!
back to the pool and met up with ex-whatever and his zombie model and drank WAY WAY WAAAAAAY too much. jane will attest.
i think we left between 2 and 3, got back to jane’s where i puked gloriously.
best. day. ever.

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