Houseblog: the offer!

Houseblog: the offer!

last time i wrote an entry like this was in 2008! last night nate and i went to see some houses in st. charles and decided to take a look at one again this morning. our realtor said we’d better act fast on it if we wanted it because it was a really good price and other people were looking at it.
so we took a look in the daylight and i still loved the kitchen. the *real* hickory floors are glorious, and there is enough space for us while we slowly finish the basement. speaking of the basement, i took a look at the water heater usage and it’s a pretty darn efficient one! all the appliances are energy star. i’m hoping my electric bill plummets! there is enough room in the back and to the side for some garden beds, so that’s one checkmark on my list.
we made an offer. he had already drawn up most of the paperwork last night, so all we had to do was sign a bunch and decide on an offer. we offered full price plus closing, and added an addendum for some cash for a washer and dryer.
well, he sent it over to the other realtor and once i got back home i headed over with a check for earnest money. then a waiting game.
finally a phone call! they accepted the offer but reduced the amount for the washer and dryer (which i was ok with). tonight nate and i had to initial a couple things, but the house is set, and we’ve got a closing date on halloween! woo!

not my house.

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