just say it

just say it

often in the middle of a writing practice you feel muddled; you are not really saying anything. Try this: don’t even wait to finish your sentence – right in the middle put a dash, then write, “what i really want to say,” drop to a deeper level, and keep going. or you can start right off with this as the topic: what i really want to say is…
what i really want to say is something meaningful. something that will stay with people. i want to say something that will strike a chord, trigger a memory, jar a thought. what i really want to say is something that i’m not necessarily able to pull from my writing depths on a daily basis. what i really want to say is sometimes cloaked in humor or veiled in sarcasm. what i really want to say is sometimes hard to say – so i write it. what i really want to write is sometimes hard to write, so i will avoid it until it is an obvious time to put it into words and easily flows from my brain to type. i cannot say what i want to say until it is the right time to say it.
i’m reading the book “quiet” by susan cain. she writes:

studies have show that, indeed, introverts are more likely than extroverts to express intimate facts about themselves online that their family and friends would be surprised to read, to say that they can express the “real me” online, and to spend more time in certain kinds of online discussions. They welcome the chance to communicate digitally. The same person who would never raise his hand in a lecture hall of two hundred people might blog to two thousand, or two million, without thinking twice. The same person who finds difficult to introduce himself to strangers might establish a presence online and then extend those relationships into the real world.

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