fair round 2

fair round 2

august was an epic fail whale on blogging every other day! september shall be a fresh slate. we’ll see what happens.
after much deliberation (well, not that much), i decided i had to go back to the state fair because the first time was so hot and gross and i didn’t find my deep-fried milky way. i called up jane and said, hey! let’s go to the fair again! so we did, this time in the evening so we wouldn’t be so hot.
first i got a footlong hot dog because i hadn’t had supper. then we went to the ag/hort building again and found the internet seed art thats making the rounds on reddit. also found an awesome krampus piece.
afterward, i finally finally got my deep-fried milky way. it was glorious. heaven on a stick. wonderful, gooey nougaty, caramelly, chocolatey donutty fried goodness. *drool* (i should’ve gotten two).
took a little stroll and ended at the food barn where i bought my coworker some taffy and some cheese curds to split.
we walked to the horse barn after i had a mouthgasm and checked out the horses since nate can’t peruse the horse barns (allergic) and jane missed them previously.  then off to the midway!
then, and i’m still not sure how i managed this, i convinced jane to go on the skyride across the fair to the other side (it was closer to the place where we had to catch the bus, maybe?). totally worth the $4/person cost! we went across the fairgrounds at night and saw all the lights. here’s jane scared outta her wits.DSC01595
we ended on a high note of some lemonade and tom thumb donuts, then had to leave because i still had to drive back to rochester that night (work the next day). definitely worth the second trip.

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