July 29, 2013

bad month

it was a bad blogging month. two vacays and low motivation levels will do that to a person. next month will be better! in the meantime, some updates!
1. suddenly everyone is moving. jane moved back to MN right after july 4 – she is now in st paul and maybe 5 miles from megan’s place.
2. liz and doug and nate’s favorite niece moved to lacrosse, a quick hour away.
3. my parents’ house sold! finally, after months and months and months (…according to my mom – in reality, their house sold in less time than mine) they accepted an offer on the house and will be dervishly looking at houses for sale in the area.
4. speaking of buying houses, i think nate and i will start looking for a house and land to buy this fall. i’m excited to be not living here.
5. july is almost over. where did the summer go? slow down, life.


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