what does a person do with a dozen eggs and a pound of spinach a week?
egg bake!
IMG_1123i started off using a recipe, but ended up not really following it. I fried up a half a package of bacon, a bunch of green onions, and adde some parsley and all my spinach (maybe a half a pound?). whisked a dozen eggs with some sour cream (1/2 cup or so) then added about 2 cups of cheese. spread the spinach/bacon mixture on the bottom of a 9×12 then covered with the egg mixture, then sprinkled more cheese on top. baked at 350 for 25 mins (a knife stuck in it came out clean).
in other cooking news, i am trying to decide what goodies to bring to the derry reunion in a week and a half. i’m already making some homemade marshmallows. what else? special k bars? monster cookies? cake pops? i’m not making macaron again this soon!

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    1. OMG you’ve never had a monster cookie? i’ll have to make that. it’s a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, heavy on the oats, with m&ms in them.

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