June 11, 2013

fail whale

as much free time as i have, i don’t think i can keep up with writing my blog, stay on track with a goal of reading 75 (hefty) books this year, and writing my devil’s syrup dissertation ๐Ÿ™ i think the book goal may have to take a backseat ๐Ÿ™ ย ๐Ÿ™   #nerdworldproblems

June 11, 2013

getting there, maybe

when nate and i decided to move to rochester, i didn’t think of the implications of learning a whole new town map. the first few weeks after i started my job, i was lucky if i was able to just make it to work and back to austin. if i had to stop someplace on the way back to austin, say target or walmart, i had to plug the place into my map app in my phone and have it tell me how to get there. this was annoying. this town wasn’t st. cloud! this town wasn’t st. joe, new london, willmar, even the cities to a point. ย this town…

June 9, 2013


this week we are FINALLY supposed to see some sun and above-70 temps!! i’m so excited. but the flowers in the yard are blooming as well as the ones on my concrete slab, so here are a couple pics i took tonight. ย pops to embiggen.    

June 6, 2013


i asked my brother, charlie, to tell me about his produce box he gets since he moved out to portland. he wrote me an essay! i had to share… We get our box once a week now and what’s in it changes every week. Usually there are apples, oranges, various other fruits depending on what’s in season. We get a pound of pork chops, bacon, and hamburger each week. There’s always a leafy green, usually kale or cabbage. We get onions or leeks with it. Some potatos, sweet potatos, or somethig similar. Lately we’ve been getting pea pods and green beans. They’re delicious. That’s the basic structure of what we…

June 5, 2013


here’s a shameless plug for medium, twitter’s new thing. it’s basically blogs that are public, like twitter. the nice thing about it is that you can follow medium on twitter and they will post when a decent new one is published. and at the top of the posts? it’ll tell you how long it will take you to read the blog. i’m calling it a twog – twitter blog. there are editor’s picks, featured collections and posts, about things you didn’t even know you needed to know about! take the “best of” from blogs all over the webiverse and put them in one spot: medium. love it. and when there’s…

June 2, 2013

easiest fancy dessert ever

i have recently found the “galette”, which is a really fancy looking dessert that is easy peasy to make. i was looking for a way to use some pre-made pie crusts my grandma gave me like 3 years ago (seriously, those things were probably 5 years old – but frozen so not rotting). martha stewart came through, because i saw the fancy galette in her mag and decided to give it a go. it looked way easier than a pie. roll out your pie crust dough and place it on a cookie sheet. i used parchment underneath so it would be easier to get off when it was done. pile…

June 1, 2013

the parent argument

i’ve given some thought to the argument of how gay marriage affects the raising of children. i know i’ve said in a couple past posts that if people are so concerned about the degradation of the family, we should also focus on single parents, divorcees, etc. etc. before homing in on gay parents. so what is the ideal parent situation? is it a mother and father, male and female? there are some cultures where children are raised communally and don’t actually have a specific mother and father in a sense. in “man-is-breadwinner” families, do children really know their father that well? are workaholic fathers and/or mothers who don’t help much…