food reveal!

food reveal!

today was a good food day! i was asleep by 11 last night, so i ended up waking up when nate came home at 7:15. fine, fine, i’ll get up. rolled out of bed and promptly went to the strawberry farm where i picked 11 lbs. of strawberries. it was cool and had just rained, so there weren’t a ton of people there (but still a lot!). later today i’m going to make jam.
IMG_9362after i brought the berries home, i went to the food co-op to get almond flour and almond butter for my macaron making tomorrow afternoon. while i was there, i picked up my first CSA box! woo!
IMG_9351i got a half share because it’s just me and nate. or rather, just me, since nate sort of eats whatever whenever and will only occasionally eat what i eat. hrm.
IMG_9352 IMG_9355i think this is the red russian kale.
this i believe is arugula.
IMG_9353and this is spinach! also got some garlic scapes and ….
IMG_9359an egg share! woo!
ok, now i’m off to take a nap and then time for some jam making.

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