i asked my brother, charlie, to tell me about his produce box he gets since he moved out to portland. he wrote me an essay! i had to share…
We get our box once a week now and what’s in it changes every week. Usually there are apples, oranges, various other fruits depending on what’s in season. We get a pound of pork chops, bacon, and hamburger each week. There’s always a leafy green, usually kale or cabbage. We get onions or leeks with it. Some potatos, sweet potatos, or somethig similar. Lately we’ve been getting pea pods and green beans. They’re delicious. That’s the basic structure of what we get every week. Last week we got apricots, lemons, and plums. Today I had my first plum in ages. It was tart and delicious.
About two weeks after I moved here I realized that the produce box and cooking our own food was going to be the norm and it made me happy cuz the food is so delicious. Ive learned more about food and cooking in the past few months than I ever cared about in my life. For the first time in years I’m excited about food again but I was eating fast food every day for the last few months in indy and I realize now that it was grooooosssss. The other big thing is that I’m excited to cook the food. I’ve never liked cooking but cooking fresh food with friends to eat a delicious dinner is worth and I finally see that.
We have been a bit creative doing things like stuffed pork chops or pesto or somethig but for the most part our meals are a main dish and a side. Usually pork or chicken and roasted veggies. I’ve cut a lot of sugar out of my diet and  am eating a lot less carbs. I feel better than I have in years and it delicious!! Tonight we’re grilling out some pork chops and sausage.
I think I like the apples the best. I’m realize how good an apple a day is for you. Now I have an Apple every day and its all organic. But I have tp admit, having a pound of substance free Bacon is big contender with the apples. All the fruit is so juicy too! We have to eat them over the sink because they drip everywhere.
Eating fresh, organic food just makes me feel healthier, I’m more regualr (not that you wanted to know that lol), and have more energy. I don’t need as much and I don’t feel like a fat slob. My portions have just naturally decreased but I have more energy than eating at mickey d’s every day. I’ve lost 20 pounds so far with the help of my produce box!
The thing that I didn’t realize until I moved out here was that food in general is amazing. The burrito house has the best burritos I’ve ever had for 4 bucks! And its a good two-meal burrito. The food is awesone and cheap! Last night I got and order of cheese fries, steak bites and four beers for 20 bucks! I still can’t believe it!
Anywho, I love the food and having fresh organic food is def a lifestyle changer. If you want to know more, let me know! I could talk about it all day 😀

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