proud minnesotan

proud minnesotan

tomorrow the governor will sign the mn marriage bill into law allowing gay marriage! i listened to some of the arguments against it streaming over the star tribune site. one of the biggest arguments is that there won’t be a mom and a dad for kids.
what. *record scratch*
let’s back up here. if you’re worried about kids having a mom and a dad, how about focusing on teen pregnancies and single moms, divorces, and widowers as well. i mean, all these situations involve kids who have only one parent. i was talking to my mom about this last summer before the marriage amendment was defeated and she said she couldn’t understand the hypocrisy of why the catholic church was so concerned with the family structure if they aren’t also as concerned about single moms. if they are shunning gay parents, they should also be shunning single moms because the kids themselves are in the same situation.
so before getting your panties in a bunch about two men raising a child, how about providing free BC and comprehensive sex ed.

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