what are some relentless dreams you had?
when i was young, i had a couple recurring dreams. one involved a circus or something at the hormel plant, and then i somehow ended up at the finnegans’ house where there were a couple weird clown statues. it wasn’t scary in any way; it was just really weird.
another common dream i had involved a very large sledding hill in the middle of the woods. there were always a lot of people there, and the hill was very steep. steepness seems to be a recurring theme throughout my life, because i have a lot of dreams about heights.
now it’s gotten to the point where if i am watching a movie or tv show and there is something on there about heights, i will most likely have a heights dream. a lot of them involve having to jump up onto platforms that are too far apart but above a huge drop. most of the time a family member is there telling me i HAVE to jump to the next step. or i am sitting above a huge drop with nowhere to go. yuck.
i also have dreams where i remember things from other dreams, but never remembered in waking life until i wake up from the current dream.
and then there are the peeing dreams 🙂 i always know i have to pee pretty badly when i use the restroom in my dreams and i STILL have to pee.

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  1. I hate those have to pee dreams! I always feel like I’m going to wet the bed or worse, already did! Especially when I was knocked up and had to get up a couple times every night… Ugh torture!

    1. i hate pee dreams.
      i have recurring dreams with dinosaurs in them. and dreams that i know i’ve dreamt (is this not a word? google doesn’t like it) before while i’m in the dream and i’m waiting the end that i already know. weird.

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