things i like about warm days finally showing up:

  1. flippy floppies
  2. rolling the car windows down
  3. going outside without having to worry about bundling up
  4. running outside without feeling like my throat is freezing*
  5. sweat
  6. not feeling cold ALL THE TIME
  7. driving barefoot
  8. light past 6 p.m.
  9. grilling**
  10. slow greening

* my 5k today, for those of you who don’t have FB, went awesome! i ran it in 38 minutes, and i did a 12:19min/mile, which is my best time yet. i really booked it the first mile; i will really have to watch that during my 10k next month so i don’t get worn out too soon.
** so our gas grill is on the front porch, but i’m afraid if i bring it out; it might disappear. we’re in the not so great part of town on one major road and two blocks from another major road. options i’ve considered: 1) bring the grill out and buy some bike locks to secure it to the gas line/handrail or 2) buy a cheapo charcoal grill for this summer. i can’t imagine with everything it would cost more than $35-40 (which is about what i pay for propane during a summer anyway…). only drawback to charcoal: wait time. hmmmmm.

2 thoughts on “springsummer!!

  1. opening the moon roof!! best part of the windows “down!” i really don’t get why grammar dictates that the exclamation point needs to be within the quotes. i think the brits have it right in that regard. the exclamation point makes more sense outside the quotes.

  2. i agree; ever since i read “eats shoots and leaves”, the punctuation inside the quotes just looks weird, except when part of the quote.

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