i told nate about liz’s idea of writing a devils syrup memoir, and he said, “start scribbling.” ok!
preliminary scribblings conclude the following topics to include:

  1. pre-devil’s syrup
  2. what made me go beyond slacktivism
  3. taking stock and grocery shopping
  4. surprise! X has corn syrup. why does everything have it?
  5. one month to one year and beyond
  6. social eating
  7. big corn – monocultures, large farms, corn subsidies – cost of corn vs. sugar
  8. monsanto is the devil
  9. but corn on the cob is corn – why do you eat that? why not eliminate all corn products? ethanol?
  10. gardening, food co-oops, farmers’ markets and the organic section. not to mention a quarter cow.
  11. reactions
  12. don’t sweat the small stuff. its not the end of the world if you eat it.
  13. what the future holds – hydrogenated oil ban? no processed foods? purchasing a farm.
  14. the substitutes – golden syrup, pepsi throwback, cane sode, sugar, maple syrup, foreign foods
  15. reading labels, pre-food research, and diligence diligence diligence
  16. history of corn
  17. health benefits? weight loss? (not from corn syrup, so i took up running)
  18. fallbacks – cadbury minnieggs and the quest to find a british versions
  19. letters to corporations – i wrote to pepsi and cadbury
  20. and i’m sick. too much hfcs after none will do that to a person
  21. so i’m a hippie. and i hate being classified as one after seeing and reading about all the “modern” hippies out there.
  22. recipes, watch lists, reading lists.

this MIGHT be enough. now its time to organize and outline! can anyone think of something obvious i’m missing?

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