March 30, 2013


what is your favorite holiday tradition, and why?
a christmas tree. i love a christmas tree! you go out and pick it out, bring it home, let it sit and make the whole room smell like evergreen. then you haul up your boxes of tree decorations that have been sitting in storage for a year. you open them up and look at all the ornaments you forgot you had, and each one has a specific memory tied to it, so it’s a little piece of sentimentality each time you look at it.
if cows could talk, what do you think they’d want humans to know?
you guys are crazy for drinking our milk!
if you had to give up one of your senses, which one would you choose and why?
i would give up taste. might make it easier for me to stop eating food!
What is your typical day like?
work day: i get up about half hour before i have to leave, dress, eat oatmeal, then take off. depending on my schedule at work, i might go to 5 meetings a day or zero. log in at work and pull up our stuff – i monitor twitter all day for mentions of the school. do worky stuff – might be some web design or just posting to fb or researching some crap. eat lunch. continue worky stuff. time to go home and i make supper when i get home, watch some tv, maybe read a book, maybe go to a store, then go for a run if it’s a running day, take a shower, read/movie/tv again. nate leaves for work, continue reading, go to bed. i’m pretty boring.
Do you ever have random people post comments or regularly surf your site?
i had a couple of random comments on my LJ blog when it was still active. that probably had more to do with a search ability within LJ. i do look at my analytics from time to time and have a lot more readers than who actually post. it would be nice if those people would post occasionally so i know who they actually are…:(
Which of your cats is your favorite?
by default i have to say chasey because she’s been my kitty for the longest. but secretly i also like sophie a ton. she is more of your typical cat and actually enjoys snuggling! how about i say this: ralf is my lease-favorite cat, haha.
What is your ideal job?
can i say lying around and doing nothing? no? hahaha. i like my current job – it’s pretty decent. the thing with ideal jobs is that if it’s something you enjoy, it could get to be a chore. i think it’s a good idea to keep hobbies and work separate. based on my hobbies, i would probably be a small-time farmer who photographs and blogs her food. if that paid money, i’d probably get sick of it.
What do you think of homeopathic medicine?
i don’t know much about homeopathic meds to make a real informed decision, but you have to wonder how much of that is a placebo affect. or any medicine, for that matter (you know, for like, headaches and stuff – not huge stuff like pancreatic cancer).
would you consider writing a book about your devil’s syrup free life?
this is the most exciting thing i have thought about in a while. i might do this!!! problem is, can i fill 200 pages with devil’s syrup stuff? would i self publish or try to get a publisher? how long would it take me – a year? hmmmm….so much to think about! maybe i’ll start with an outline.


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