the hippie crowd

the hippie crowd

today i went to the rochester farmers’ market for the first time! of course this time of year it’s still indoors, but there were so many vendors! it makes me excited for summertime and what it’ll be like (even thought i got a CSA, i’ll still go to the FM). they have a really cool setup in that you can buy credits at the market with your credit card and use them at any vendor. easy if you forgot to get cash, especially since the fee they charge is less than your average ATM fee.
then later on, i went to trader joe’s to pick up some things to make wild rice soup tomorrow (aaannnndd i just realized i forgot the wild rice…). what i noticed about the types of people who go to each of these venues? the crowd in st. joe who went to the farmers’ market was akin to the crowd here who goes to trader joe’s. the crowd here who goes to the farmers’ market is an earthier bunch. a true hippie?
anyway, the two deals of the day i found: bacon for $5.50/pkg (cheap for FM) and free range eggs for $3.50 (cheap in general for free range). the egg gal also sells asparagus, so i’m excited for that.
in other news, i need to curb my diet pop intake. it’s getting out of control! in other other news, WHY ISN’T IT WARM YET i want to start running outside!!

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  1. mmmm bacon indeed! it’s supposed to be 60º here today, if that makes you feel any better. i’ll do my best to send that your way. spring is on wednesday! yay!

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